Who am I?

(Note: Many parts of this site are still under construction. Some are empty, some simply contain portions copied and pasted from my CV, some are out of date, and some are not yet online. I will be adding more as I go.)

I am a thoroughly educated and broadly experienced geodesist. I hold a PhD in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, a world leader in geodetic research. Within the geodetic realm, my focus has been on height systems, the topic of my doctoral dissertation. In addition to rigorous orthometric heights and geoid determination, I have worked with satellite altimetry, kinematic GPS positioning, forward modelling of gravitational effects, and numerical methods for geographic and geophysical computations, data adjustment and statistics.

My experience in geomatics complements and informs my work in geodesy. I have training and experience in cadastral surveying, engineering surveying, and spatial data analysis using GIS systems. I have taught basic surveying operations and advanced geodesy at the university level as an instructor, and have acted as a teaching assistant in geodetic surveying, GPS surveying, and adjustment calculus courses.

I have spent two summers of my career working internationally. In 2006, I worked as a visiting scholar at the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu Taiwan, where I studied the feasibility of using satellite altimetry-derived gravity anomalies over lakes for geodetic purposes. In 2007, I worked under a CIDA project at Mzuzu University in Mzuzu, Malawi, developing curriculum for a degree program in land surveying. Both of these experiences were highly rewarding, and have given me a taste for international work.

I am currently away from the university environment, gaining practical experience in private industry to balance my academic achievements. Working full time with Fugro Airborne Surveys, I am developing software for processing airborne gravity data. I am hoping with a mixture of practical and academic experience to be able to return to the academic environment with a fresh perspective, and to expand my consulting activities.

On this site, you will find (now or in the near future):
  • a complete list of downloadable publications,
  • summaries of my various work experience,
  • summaries of my teaching experience, along with a sample video lecture,
  • a portfolio of software and webpages I have created,
  • a list of my professional affiliations,
  • my curriculum vitae and several résumés, online and downloadable,
  • links to interesting/useful/relevant things on the internet

All the best!